1. Tips, hints and fears - bring on Winter

    Nature, your offspring may have devoured all my French Beans had to offer, yes I fought a running battle with Squirrels to see who could obtain the most fruit (they won) and yes the soil and restraints I provided were weak, but I shall now take you head on and face you at your sternest; Winter.

    Winter growing.

    I want to see how far I get. It might be a bold move, it might also be irrational but then there is potentially delicious, fresh produce at the end of it so I feel I have nothing to lose.

    I’m going to throw in the following:

    • Broad Beans (Super Aquadulce)
    • Hardy lettuce (Arctic King)
    • Purple sprouting broccoli
    • Leeks
    • Carrots
    • Turnips
    • Onions (Shakespeare)
    • Garlic (Early Wight)

    The most interesting bit is that I don’t really have a garden. I have a small section of raised bedding and an odd collection of pots and containers. But then I like a challenge. 

    This is the space in front of my house:

    (I have many more containers now…)

    And this is the rear raised section:

    The resources I’m looking to are numerous and each profer a confident passion for year-round sustainability and self preservation. If only to avoid the homogeny of the high street as much as possible. Armed with my war-time rhetoric, my naivety and my hunger I will sally forth to see what my efforts can conjure.

    Some great reading on the subject lives here:

    And no list would be complete without a Guardian post…

    Bring it on I say.

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